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Water Filter Replacements

We supply water purification, clarification, separation and filtration solutions.



Benefits of Regular Replacement

Water filters are a great way to provide healthy water for usage. However not replacing your filters might become a source of bacteria and mold. Your cartridge acts as a sponge collecting various bacteria, toxins, and chemicals that may compromise the quality of your water. Not changing your filters promptly, may cause the system to stop working altogether and may cause health issues.
Prevent your water filtration system from breaking or being contaminated by observing the following steps:

To learn how our “Customer Loyalty Service” program can make filter replacements simple and cost-effective, reach out to us at 111-SAG-ISA (724-472) or support@sagisa.com.pk

About 3M Technology

IFor over 80 years, 3M™ Aqua Pure™ water filters have been used in homes nationwide to provide a cleaner, better tasting water for drinking, cooking and general household use. Sagisa offers a wide range of solutions designed to address many types of water quality concerns.
Tested independently to remove 97% of chlorine, lead, pesticides, VOCs for 1,000,000* gallons of water or up to 10 years with
*Capacity depends on water quality and usage.

When Should I change my filter?

The recommended replacement schedule for all our filters varies by model and usage. Select your model and follow the respective installation guide. Some models may require multiple components to be replaced such as the pre-filter cartridges in the whole-house systems. Keep track of when each filter is replaced or make the process easy with our auto shipped, discounted filter replacement, Customer Loyalty Service.

Way to subscribe for Replacement auto reminder?

Our “Customer Loyalty Service” make lives easy to replace filters on time and without worry. Whether you’re already a Sagisa customer or trying us for the first time, “Customer Loyalty Service” ensures you’ll never have to keep track of filter’s expiration dates. The benefits include:
To get started, reach out to us at 111-SAG-ISA (724-472) or support@sagisa.com.pk

How to change my filterr?

Changing Sagisa water filter cartridges is easy!
All of our replacement water filters comes with step by step instruction guide with labeled pictures to make the filter swapping process simple, on our Youtube cahnnel, you can find videos walkthroughs for installing and replacing our most water filters.

For additional help,we offer phone customer support:
Mon-Fri:8am-6pm Central time